Britney Spears Shows Us How To Do Denim...

Stylist Tip:?If you're going for the causal cool girl vibe,?denim?should be the?first building block of your closet.

K, maybe don't take it to the Britney & Justin extent-
check out so me?REAL?customer photos below!

(With?Britney songs?to go along with them...?click the links if you're ready for a trip down memory lane. Be careful though, you might get stuck there like I did when creating this blog post)

Britney Song:?WORK B#%&*?//
Britney Song:?(I got that) Boom Boom//
Gracie in our?Hidden Jean Jacket, in her true size extra small - $112
Britney Song:?Baby One More Time//
Hannah in our?Hidden Jean Shorts- $73
Britney Song:?Break The Ice?//
Miranda in our?Hidden Jean Jacket?(A regular size small, she purchased the large for an oversized fit) - $112
Britney Song : Crazy?//
Britt in Colombia in our Hidden Jean Jacket // $112

"Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"

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